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The Mallory Diamond M catalog is
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Our goal is to improve product design to many of the products in the Diamond M line. Our offering will represent the best performance and value in our industry, providing the ultimate personal protection to every one of our customers. We have some patented fall protection products, and many exclusive to Mallory products. We ensure each item is built at least a little stronger than seems necessary, in sticking to our founding principles.

About Mallory

For over 30 years, we have been working to create a company that is responsive and committed to fulfilling the customer's needs. When it comes to safety and firefighting equipment and supplies, access to full product lines, rapid delivery from stock, and great, knowledgeable people, Mallory Safety and Supply is top notch...

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Work-at-Height Safety

ENSA Team members are well-respected and regarded as Top Professionals in the industry, their training techniques makes learning fun, and prepares the technician, competent person or Certified ENSA Trainer to be a highly sought after employee, ready for work on day one at the job site. Our classes go beyond the required elements of rescue training, we incorporate the necessary safety knowledge and skills that are applicable to the job site.

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Call us today to see how Mallory's best in class vending program can benefit your facility

Rely on Mallory's vast vending expertise to...

  • Eliminate Stockouts
  • Lower Consumption
  • Improve Labor Efficiency
  • Audit Consumption

We offer free machines to employers with over 50 employees working in manufacturing, construction, or other safety and industrial product use intensive environments, and we pair that with great pricing and product selection on the products you use.

What's the catch? There isn't one, really, other than we ask that you give us a chance to earn your business for the products you buy that we regularly sell. We will invest in machines that will give big benefits to you, and in return, we ask for a reasonable opportunity to meet or beat pricing on the items you use in your business.

And no long term commitment is required - if you don't see the benefits of vending in the first 90 days, we will just remove the machines and place them with another customer.

It is win/win/win, and when you hear our story and see our solution, we think you will see how it could immediately benefit your business.

Oh, and we have a national network of distributors through supplyFORCE that can support you with vending, so we can and do handle nationwide needs today, so your program could cover all your facilities.

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